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Hello -- I have been a community manager, marketing specialist, content strategist, social media magician, communication fiend and brand guru for the past four-plus years. I have experience working in SaaS, B2B, B2C, sports, education, non-profit, government and health sectors. I hold a Bachelor's degree in Public Relations with minors in Communication Technology and Marketing. I am also a graduate of the two-year Public Relations program at Canadore College.

But enough about me—let’s talk about you. Whether you're on here because I applied for a job, you own a business and are in need of a helping hand, or you came across my website and are here for a quick peek, welcome! Don't hesitate to reach out.

Fun Fact: A sheep, a duck and a rooster were the first passengers in a hot air balloon


My Latest Projects


SalesRight –– SaaS startup provides interactive quoting software for B2B SaaS sales teams to crush their sales and close deals faster. Selling SaaS to people who sell SaaS for a living, they can see right through content. It is important to create thought leadership with every piece of content being produce. Hitting a pain-point, telling a story, and simply make life easier for SaaS salespeople is the key to a SalesRight blog post.


When 2020 came crashing down, events were going virtual left and right. The tactics one used to sell SaaS in person were going to have to adapt to the unprecedented (queue eye roll) times. To aid SaaS salespeople, SalesRight created a Masterclass to help those to learn How to Sell SaaS at Virtual Events. This masterclass included not one but two eBooks and a worksheet to help guide those through the virtual event space.


During my time at Communications Nova Scotia, I wrote many news releases, speeches, communication plans and other writing pieces. This is an example of a news release I wrote in November 2019 to announce the donors of the Tree for Boston. The Tree for Boston is an annual tradition that is near and dear to Nova Scotians. The tree symbolizes remembrance, community and friendship with the City of Boston and their support during the 1917 Halifax Explosion.

Dash Hudson is a visual marketing software for the world's most important brands. As thought leaders in the social media industry, it is important to demonstrate how brands use social media to interact with their audience. Publications sometimes inquired about the latest trends in social, that's when Dash Hudson steps in. Tik Tok is the latest social media platform that brands are recognizing as a tool to reach a younger demographic. Read more Gen Z Loves TikTok. Can Fashion Brands Learn to Love It Too?

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The government of Nova Scotia works with women and girls across many industries. With my team, we wrote a feature story for 2019's International Day of the Girl. We featured a high school student from Halifax that is unstoppable and breaking barriers in the skilled trades industry. Danielle is only one story of many girls and women across the country that are inspiring others in trades or STEM industries.


The marketing team at Dash Hudson produce a magazine on the savviest brands on social. Each quarter DH looks at the brands who are dominating the Instagram game in their industry (beauty, fashion, luxury, CPG, travel, food, decor, etc.). As a member of the killer squad, I helped to develop a mailing list for those who are lucky to receive a copy of the very aesthetically pleasing magazine.

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Consumers are becoming smarter by the second and companies need to adapt with them. Vetting possible clients or customers is an easy way to focus on your target audience. I say "easy" because it is when there is a process in place. During my time at Dash Hudson I helped develop a lead vetting process, with the Lead Nurturing Specialist, to organize and manage whether or not a lead is qualified. 

Thought leadership and brand awareness are important in the process of growing a company. At Dash Hudson, the goal was to use our software analytics for Instagram and pitch the data to publications. This is an example of one of the pitches that was picked up. My role was to research, ideate pitch ideas, pull Instagram data, and build an eye-catching deck to present data that would then be sent through A/B testing to reporters. 


Tell me you’re a woman working in tech, without telling me you’re a woman working in tech. We’ll go first––only 5% of leadership roles within the tech industry are women. 

Out of ~130 employees, only ~30 are women at FastSpring. In celebration of International Women's Day 2021, I took the initiative to write a blog around women's experiences working in tech and opening up the must needed conversation.

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